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Brickley Wealth Management is a multi-generational, family-owned financial planning firm. The team, services, clients, and skills have grown, but the website and branding remained unchanged. As forward-thinking planners, the Brickley team was ready to update their branding to reflect their innovative and modern approaches to wealth management and tax planning.

Project Highlights

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The Solution

Brickley Wealth Management was looking for a contemporary website to be the hub for existing and new clients. The new site needed to maintain a sense of familiarity for the existing clients and better reflect Brickley’s innovative solutions. Brickley’s online presence now aligns with its passion and commitment to clients through custom illustrations, animations, flexible templates, and creating spaces for thought leadership. This includes sharing knowledge through a blog and social media. Even with the challenge of compliance requirements, we delivered a sustainable digital solution for the team of future planners.

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