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Product, meet story. Coal Headwear was all in on high-quality materials and their top-notch fabrication process. But you wouldn’t know it from their website. Coal’s commitment to social and environmental issues, including partnerships with foundations, also needed a spotlight.

Project Highlights

Increase in Google Analytics Page Value of 157%
Improved page load time
Site color-contrast ratio brought to WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility compliance levels

The Solution

Gigantic worked with Coal’s marketing team to understand what matters to them as a company and as people. Realizations from these collaboration sessions were distilled into bite-sized stories that site visitors can easily understand. Press and customer feedback serve as social proof to back it all up. 

By designing a reusable component system, we gave Coal a way to expand and refresh their website as they continue to grow their offering and their social impact.

Desktop & mobile screen captures of Coal Headwear's website pages.
Swatch of Coal Headwear's brand colors.
A collection of social media photos from Coal Headwear.
“The two pages that Gigantic reimagined have seen an increase in Google Analytics Page Value of 157% and 107%.”
Various screen captures of Coal Headwear's website interior pages.

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