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Lumafield produces CT scanners that give engineers and designers more confidence in their processes and lowers the barrier to high quality imaging. They also give the world a look inside a popular product each month—just for fun. All they needed was a site that would support the scroll-stopping visuals. That’s where we come in.

Project Highlights

Built in Webflow
Stealth Startup
Reduced File Sizes Up to 50%
Light/Dark Mode Feature

The Solution

The original Scan of the Month site was very basic, with animations of scans. After testing file formats, compression techniques, and reverse engineering how Webflow loads Lottie files, we began fulfilling Lumafield’s website wishlist. Elevating the site to be fast, responsive, and have the ability to support and truly experience the complex scans. We expanded on Lumafield’s branding to create a sub-brand for Scan of the Month that put the intricate scans front and center. We even added a light and dark mode, giving viewers the choice and control of visuals. These mesmerizing scans needed to be shared with the world. Thanks to Open Graph structured data, we made it easy for Hacker News and you to share with anyone. Who wouldn’t want a look inside?

Two screenshots of the Scan of the Month website, one on desktop and another on mobile.
A swatch of "Dark Grey" #171717, "Light Grey #f4f4f4, and "Scan Orange" #ff9427.
An image of the hero section of a scan page, this example is of the Game Boy scan page.
Gigantic's ability to combine quick action with quality is world-class. Every step of the process was exciting for me, as they made fast progress towards a site that I am incredibly proud of. They tackled brand design, technical execution, and smooth delivery that allowed our team to focus on what is core to us.

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