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Anvilogic is a cloud-based cybersecurity company on the rise, with a powerful product that’s predictive on top of being responsive. Their detection builder, automated workflows and AI-powered insights reduce the threat detection lifecycle from days to minutes. So they needed a brand that was as sophisticated as their technical offering.

Project Highlights

Developed a polished brand
Built a dynamic visual language
Gave shape to technical, abstract concepts
Created a design kit for independent use

The Solution

Anvilogic is a premium low-code detection engineering and hunting product, designed to replace a whole team of experts. It comes, understandably, with a premium price tag. (Though the cost of a security breach for the unprotected is a whole lot higher.) To give investors and clients a solid sense of what they’re paying for, we used isometric shapes and illustrated infographics to translate the abstract, technical concepts of Anvilogic’s work into something simple and physical. We deployed this visual language on booths, in print collateral, in decks and throughout their new site. Our goal was to give them a design kit that they can work with independently online, in Webflow and HubSpot, and IRL at industry events and through sales enablement, as their company continues to grow.

The home page of
A custom color palette for Anvilogic's brand and website.
Iconography and type faces for Anvilogic.
Various technical marketecture graphics for Anvilogic.
Pages from the Anvilogic brand guidelines.
Icons and buttons created for Anvilogic.

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