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Anvilogic is a highly efficient and powerful cloud-based cybersecurity platform. Their original website got them to a good place — on the verge of Series B financing. But they needed a more polished brand and a next-level site to bring to investors, and the right building blocks to adapt and reuse as they continued to grow.

Project Highlights

Built in Webflow
Dynamic components for flexible storytelling
Growth-driven content promotion through HubSpot integration

The Solution

The software-as-a-service that Anvilogic provides is complex, designed to replace a whole team of experts. It’s also highly abstract. They needed a site that better told their story, a visual language that could give shape to what they do, and the ability to be in charge of their own narrative. So instead of designing a page for a specific, fixed message, we created modular components for different types of content to allow for flexible storytelling. Their site became a dynamic hub that currently houses nearly 800 pieces of content, including threat reports, white papers, webinars and a resource library. Like any startup, their story is evolving. And if they want to change their narrative a year from now, they have all the building blocks in Webflow and HubSpot they need to do that.

The home page of
A custom color palette for Anvilogic's brand and website.
Iconography and type faces for Anvilogic.
Various technical marketecture graphics for Anvilogic.
Samples of pages for Anvilogic's Website.
Various web pages for Anvilogic.
Icons and buttons created for Anvilogic.

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