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Rethink Compliance is a women-owned compliance products and services firm whose main competitors are huge corporate entities with thousands of employees. But since being founded in 2015, Rethink has grown rapidly, making the Inc. 5000 list two years running, by creating, teaching and tracking compliance messaging that stands out from all that noise. When they realized they needed a brand that did the same thing, they came to us.

Project Highlights

Bright, warm, distinctive new color palette
Women-owned business
Custom iconography

The Solution

Codes of conduct, insider trading rules, staying alert to subtle requests for bribes: The compliance space is all about telling companies and their employees what to do and how to do it. But increasingly, regulators are requiring a focus in areas like culture and persuasion — not just black and white rules. Which is why we gave Rethink a new brand, including a new site heavy on color, warmth and humanity. (After all, that’s what compliance codes and policies are all about — people.) Their logo stands out like a beacon in a sea of muted tones and grayscale. We used bright, custom geometric iconography to communicate their service offering, and sometimes just for decoration. Creative use of modern stock photography, relaxed and professional at the same time, puts the emphasis on human connection. What has always set Rethink Compliance apart is their attitude, and now they have a brand to match.

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