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Rethink Compliance is a compliance products and services firm that recently made the Inc. 5000 list two years running. They’re a fount of expertise, and when they came to us, they had already generated over a hundred blog posts. The problem was that their site was a single page, and all that content — as well as team info, client testimonials, and more — was only accessible via a lot of scrolling. By restructuring their website architecture as part of an overall rebrand, we gave users and prospective clients a direct line to their expertise.

Project Highlights

Built in Webflow
Information architecture overhaul
Growth-driven content promotion through CRM integration
Women-owned business

The Solution

Rethink Compliance’s founder and CEO Kirsten Liston is an unparalleled authority on all things compliance, and she’s built her company into the same thing. Their site was loaded with valuable content, but without the structure required to help users find it easily. They needed a website through which they could easily create and elevate content. By rebuilding their site with meticulously planned information architecture, we’re able to get all that quality content — training, team expertise, service offering, thought leadership and more — onto the page and in front of people’s eyeballs when they need it. Heavy content cross-promotion makes it easy for users to find complementary information, and MailChimp integration allows for lead generation through gated content. The redesigned site features the custom iconography and bright, warm color palette we developed as part of the overall rebrand to create an information hub that’s as functional as it is warm and welcoming. And now they have all the tools they need to create and elevate content using Webflow and MailChimp going forward.

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