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World Famous transformed their production company into a full service creative agency. They had amazing clients, an impressive portfolio, crazy-talented team members, and a new logo. And that’s it. Working with just a logo, we collaborated to create brand guidelines that would shape their new website.

Project Highlights

Soul Searching
Voice and Tone
Digital and print ready
Optimized brand for accessibility

The Solution

Gigantic worked closely with World Famous to develop brand guidelines that not only worked with their logo but aligned with their soul. We strategically diverged from the paths that so many traditional agencies took to create a fresh yet retro, creative yet sophisticated, bold yet friendly design and copy tool kit. We brought icons to life through motion, put our best smile forward in messaging, and found creative ways to translate their logo. Using vintage footage, the brand emulates a hopeful feeling for the future with endless discovery, matching the agency’s creative approach. The guide successfully reflects their personality and strategically sets them up to continue their World Famous growth digitally and literally.

“Gigantic was an incredible partner. They displayed a unique ability to listen to our hopes and dreams, our beliefs, our fears, and translate all of it into a brand experience that speaks to the essence of who World Famous is.”

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